By mgieva • September 17, 2009

Network for This Job Position

Remember this Monroe College alumna who sued her school for not helping her find a job after graduation? Well, that surely won't happen at Mount Holyoke College.

social media

Tonight, after only five days of classes, Mount Holyoke's Career Development Center (CDC) held a job search workshop for seniors. Over 150 seniors showed up at the event listening attentively and taking notes. Every mention of the economy filled the room with tension.

The first step toward finding a job, CDC's Senior Associate Director Joanna Miles said, is networking. "More than 50% of the job opportunities for graduating students is through networking," she said. The old-fashioned strategy for meeting people and asking questions has become even more relevant in today's tight job market. Companies hire names they have encountered before.

"It's really about building relationships," Miles said. And what more efficient way to build relationships than using social media and blogging? The chances are that your potential employers are already on Facebook or Twitter. They probably blog. What does it cost you, as an active job seeker, to post a blog comment or engage with industry leaders on social networking platforms?

It doesn't cost you anything but time and effort. But the investment is worth the results.

Photo credit: Damien Basile