Why Serial Content Isn’t Dead: 10 of My Daily & Weekly Must-Read Newsletters

Ever since Google Reader stopped being a thing, I’ve been using my inbox to get regular updates on news and events I care about. I’ve developed a newly found love for serial content – with its editorial picks, steady rhythm, and accessibility both over email and on a web page. The format enables me to consistently stay informed, build personal habits around it, and share fascinating stories with my peers.

As with other content formats some have proclaimed dead, like long-form journalism and more-than-5-minute online videos, newsletters still carry tremendous value. It just depends whether your goal and content as publisher match the role of this format.

Here are 10 newsletters I receive on a daily and weekly basis that I greatly enjoy as a reader and learn from as a marketer. I hope you also like them and find interesting tidbits you can borrow from them if you decide to launch a newsletter one day.

Daily Newsletters

#1 A.Word.A.Day

The New York Times praised A.Word.A.Day as “The most welcomed, most enduring piece of daily mass e-mail in cyberspace.” The series was founded in 1994 by Anu Garg. The words shared in the newsletter are united by a weekly theme and each email covers the definition, pronunciation, etymology, and usage of the featured word. There is also a thought / quote of the day that I look forward to reading.

Daily - A Word A Day

#2 BetaBoston

I recently started following BetaBoston which, as the name implies, covers tech news in the Boston area. The daily newsletter usually features recent acquisitions, mergers, and IPOs in tech, VC news, interviews with entrepreneurs, thought-provoking Op-Ed pieces, Boston events, and in general exposes you to things you may want to know about if you are in this domain.

Daily - BetaBoston

#3 Co.Design & Co.Create

I am a most loyal fan of Fast Company’s Co.Design and Co.Create Daily. If I don’t read these newsletters in the morning, I make sure to go through them at night, which usually spurs a 30-minute Twitter fiesta from me since I want to share all the good stuff I just found out about. These are great publications for creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

Daily - C.Design

#4 Product Hunt

I recently found out about Product Hunt and subscribed to the daily email of notable products that are getting launched worldwide. I am enjoying the daily curated list with once-sentence descriptions of new products worth checking out.

Daily - Product Hunt

#5 HubSpot Blog

I now take the HubSpot daily blog updates for granted, but I really shouldn’t. Getting these in my inbox every day helps me stay ahead of the marketing news of the day. Sometimes the headline and first couple of sentences reveals all I need to know about Google’s latest algorithm changes or Facebook’s new redeisgn. Other times, the analytical and Op-ed pieces keep me glued on the HubSpot blog for quite a bit.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.43.05 PM

Weekly Newsletters

#1 Brain Pickings

No question about it, my all-time favorite weekly newsletter is Brain Pickings. ¬†Founded in 2006 by Maria Popova, the site is a treasure hunt for interesting stories across genres: science, art, business, etc. Popova calls it an “interestingness digest.”


#2 Short of the Week

On Sundays, I also get Short of The Week which I have fallen in love with. The newsletter features about four to fix hand-picked shorts that will take you on a journey across time and space. This has become my favorite Sunday night activity – just ask my roommates who see me laugh and cry as I go through three shorts in just 30 minutes.


#3 The New York Review of Books

I also try to keep up with the weekly digest of The New York Review of Books. It highlights certain online book reviews as well as short essays, special events, and new titles. These are great reads that leave me informed about what’s happening in the world, what books I should be reading, where I can skip the book and just read the review… I am not sure which day of the week I get this newsletter, but it would be perfect for Fridays or Sundays because it generally takes me more time to go through.

Weekly - The New York Review of Books

#4 The Berkman Center

I flip pretty quickly through the weekly digest of events published by The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. It highlights local events like talks given by visiting lecturers, classes open to the public, webcasts, and panels. It’s also a great source for announcing the publishing of original research and academic projects.

Weekly - Berkman Center for Internet & Society

#5 Tech. eu

The nascent start-up scene and tech industry in Europe is fascinating. There are U.S. companies traveling east; there are local European start-ups trying to make it; there just aren’t too many publications covering that life. So when I found Tech.eu I instantly subscribed for their weekly recap of news, interviews, and op-ed.

Weekly - Tech.EU - Fridays

Do you subscribe to any daily, weekly or monthly newsletters? Which one? Why?