This April, Celebrate Spring in Boston with Japan Festival, Art in Bloom, Making Your First Web App & More

The weather in April is going to be finicky, so plan some indoor and some outdoor activities. Here is a curated list for your enjoyment.

a canary torsi COURT/GARDEN – April 8

If you enjoy imperial ballets, artsy spaces and ornate costumes, you will most likely be interested in the spectacle Court/Garden by choreographer Yanira Castro and performed by Castro’s group a canary torsi. It’s inspired by the dances in Louis XIV’s court and presents an opportunity for the audience to get involved in the performance.

a canary torsi at the ICA

Women’s Web App Workshop – April 9

Are you studying computer science, but haven’t gotten a chance to build your own web app? Have you always wanted to do that? Then the Women’s Web App Workshop at HubSpot will be the perfect Saturday activity for you. Join us and learn how to set up node.js on your machine and build a working web app that you can use as jumping point for your professional portfolio. You’ll also meet other women from the area, collaborate with them, and enjoy delicious lunch and other snacks.

Japan Festival – April 24

I’ve personally never been to the Japan Festival in Boston, but this year I plan to make my way down to the Boston Common to see what it’s all about. They expect over 40,000 visitors, so it will most likely be really crowded but also very colorful and bright. Expect to see folks dressed in costumes of anime characters, pass by booths selling traditional and pop cultural artifacts, and try some of the yummy Japanese foods.

Art in Bloom – April 29

I think I speak for all of us when I say that we will be very upset if by the end of the month we don’t see the warm sun, birds chirping, and aromatic flowers blossoming. Then MFA’s Art in Bloom festival will be the most appropriate event to celebrate spring. Stop by to shower your eyes in the floral arrangements put together by garden clubs and professional designers from across New England. You can also register for a master class to learn how to make flower design taught by professional instructors.

art in bloom at the mfa


Annual Earth Day Charles River Cleanup – April 30

If you are looking for an excuse to spend more time outside and do a good deed for the environment, participate in the Charles River Cleanup. More than 3,000 volunteers will come together to pick up litter and make our parks better. I’ve never taken part in this, but it seems like a great way to make the river cleaner, meet some awesome people, and bike out to a new area.

What else am I missing? What are some other events you would like to learn about?