October Isn’t Blue. It’s Full of the Colors of Biketoberfest, An Artificial Intelligence Talk, Web App Workshop, and Theater Plays

The air is crisp and shades of copper cover the trees and the ground. Put on your fall boots and get ready to explore the area; here is your list of events for October.


October Café Night at District Hall – October 5th

District Hall, a civic space for the community to gather around topics of innovation, is hosting a cafe night that will introduce you to mentors from different organizations, workshops, and panels. For example, you can book office hours with GE global research executive Rusty Irving or join a workshop on web development led by General Assembly, or listen in on a panel of the Growth and Development of Boston’s Waterfont. Start October with a bang and get your free ticket to this event.



Biketoberfest 2016 – October 13th

The Boston Cyclists Union, an organization focused on making biking in the Boston area safer, is hosting a fun event that will not only showcase their ongoing bike safety campaigns, but also give the community a taste of local breweries and a glimpse into bike-powered businesses. Come by and sway to live music, meet other bikers, and enjoy some good drinks.

Build Your First Web App – October 15th

Having a portfolio of projects is the new resume. If you don’t have real work and experience under your belt, it’s hard to find a rewarding career or assimilate in the work place. That’s why HubSpot is hosting a workshop on building your first web app for the second time this year (here is a write-up from our first event). If you are in the area and currently studying computer science, this event presents a great opportunity to grow your technical skills and meet some smart people.

The Future of Digital: Gen Z & Artificial Intelligence – October 19th

Young Women in Digital, a networking group of women working in the digital marketing domain, is throwing an event featuring lightning talks and a panel on the behaviors of Gen Z and how artificial intelligence is reshaping our economy and workforce. The speakers come from marketing and technology agency, Digitas. You can grab your ticket here for a night of learning and mingling.

When January Feels Like Summer – October 21st

One of the most charming theaters in the area is located right at the heart of Cambridge, in Central Square. I like visiting it at least once a year and the comedy When January Feels Like Summer will prove to be a great occasion for my long anticipated visit. The plot is certainly unique, telling the story of the Hindu God Ganesh deciding the fates of five people during a warm winter in Harlem. You will have until mid-November to see this play, so hope to bump into you there.


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