How to Record Your Screen in 3 Easy Steps (for Mac)

Often times I have to report issues to the software engineers on my team and video can be a great tool to show the steps I’m going through and what’s happening when. The quickest way I’ve found to do this is with QuickTime thanks to former co-worker Molly Wolfberg who introduced me to it.

QuickTime is built into Mac OS X, so no need to download any software or create accounts elsewhere. Here is how you can do this in three easy steps:

Find Quicktime on Your Mac

Just go to Search on the left-hand corner of your computer screen and type in QuickTime. You can also go into Applications and find the tool there.

Quicktime on mac

Options that Quicktime providesChoose New Screen Recording

Prepare the page that you want to record – I like to pull it into its own tab. Click into the QuickTime icon from your Dock and hold. You will see a few options appear and all you have to do is click to start a new screen recording. As you can see from the screenshot to the right, you can also record audio and movie. This can come in very handy not just for trouble shooting, but also for quick tutorials or even product marketing videos and fun side projects.

Start the recording and once done, save

You can select exactly what area you want to record and then just go through the steps on the screen. Once done, save the recording and give it a name.  The only other thing you need to worry about is how to send it as a file virtually, so here you can use Dropbox or Google Drive and it should be relatively quick. This is what mine ended up looking like – a demonstration of deleting a contact in HubSpot.

Recording with QuickTime

If you really need this for troubleshooting you may open Inspect Element in Chrome and also record any errors that may show up in the Console. That can be helpful information as you perform the steps on the screen.

Are there any other tools you use for the same purpose that you find easier or more convenient? If so, definitely share them in the comments.