3 Things That I’d Love to See AirBnB Try

AirBnB has changed the way we vacation and gather. It has evolved to provide verifications, guidelines, and host assist services. There are even products like this guest reservation management software that grow thanks to the demand AirBnB creates. Yet, as I’m staying at an AirBnB place currently, I can’t help but see even more opportunities for the site to further expand.


Tag Friends You’re Staying with

You know when you walk into an AirBnB for the first time and everyone starts walking around, exploring the place? “Check out the carpeted floors in the bathroom,” someone yells from the back. “This fireplace is grandiose,” someone else points out while staring at the stone wall in front of you. When that happens, if even half of the company you are sharing the place with is active on AirBnB, they will be likely to also leave a positive review for the host if they had the chance to. What if you could tag them in your stay? Imagine twice or three times the positive reviews a host could get and the network effect of something like this.

view outside the windowSend Photos to Your Host

If you are really enjoying the AirBnB place you are staying at, you are probably taking pictures of the things that impress you and make you happy. You may capture the view outside the window or everyone near the fireplace. I’ve seen such pictures from friends posting to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat… They constitute the authentic representation of what an experience at this AirBnB could be like. I’m sure the host would appreciate guests sharing their happy memories with them and, with permission, could use the photos to further enrich a posting on the website.


Feature Sample Products from Partners

The best AirBnB places I’ve stayed at offered a bottle of wine, free coffee, ice cream, nice soaps, and other small conveniences for free. These things make a difference for the experience, especially if you are arriving late at night and didn’t have time to go shopping or forgot to bring some bathroom accessories you may need. What if the products that a host offers to their guests for free were actually sample products from a list of AirBnB partners? For example, I really liked the Everyone® 3-in-1 Lavender & Aloe Natural lotion that our current host has left for us and will definitely buy a bottle for myself.

Do these additions make sense to you? Has there been anything else that you see as a golden opportunity for AirBnB to go after?