By mgieva • May 8, 2011

9 Sites That Inspire The Internet Wishlist’s Creator

I recently had the opportunity to interview Amrit Richmond, the creator of The Internet Wishlist and a tireless creative strategist. We talked about her work background, how innovation emerges and how new ideas spread.

So it was just natural for me to ask Amrit for the sites she likes to visit for inspiration, new ideas, education, etc. In case you also want to draw knowledge from them, here they are:

  1. Brain Pickings
    I share Amrit's love for this site—it is an eclectic mix of cultural "tidbits of stuff that inspires, revolutionizes, or simply makes us think."
  2. Swiss Miss
    This is a design blog and studio run by Tina Roth Eisenberg. It seems like a neat place to check out if you are into art, UI, typography and other visual projects.
  3. But Does It Float
    Similarly to the previous site, this one also covers photography and typographical illustrations.
  4. Unurth
    This site is dedicated to street art and features colorful graffiti from all over the world.
  5. Springwise
    Headquartered in London, Springwise is a source of business ideas and inspiration to entrepreneurs. This is the first time I encounter the site but I am definitely fascinated with its idea database and considering subscribing to the newsletter.
  6. Idea Mensch
    Idea Mensch will introduce you to a community of people with ideas. It features interviews with bright entrepreneurial minds--some of whom more popular than others.
  7. Startup Quote
    This site posts a daily wise thought by popular entrepreneurs like Apple's Steve Jobs and Mint's Aaron Patzer. Each quote can be tweeted directly from the site.
  8. AVC
    This is the blog of Fred Wilson, a VC and principal of Union Square Ventures. I would encourage entrepreneurs to check out his MBA Mondays blog series.
  9. Both Sides of the Table
    This is the blog of Mark Suster who founded Koral, a company that was sold to Salesforce.com and eventually became Salesforce Content. This is also a great source of start-up advice and entrepreneurial topics.
Thanks, Amrit, for this list! I will be definitely revisiting these sites for daily inspiration!